New Machinery | Saomad UTP 150 Heavy Duty Single End Tenoner

Saomad UTP 150 Heavy Duty Single End Tenoner

A heavy duty modular design Single End Tenoning machine (an up to date replacement for a UK Spec Wadkin / Robinson machine) fitted with digital readouts for quick easy adjustment both horizontal and vertical and on request allows a full choice of head positions to suit individual production needs. Optionally available with a motorized carriage and powered movement of vertical spindle with a 400 mm useful length and mechanical digital display of spindle height. Including all CE safety features with self braking motors.


Saw unit 4HP at 3000 rpm with 400mm dia. sawblade x 30mm bore. 125mm max. cutting height with lateral movement up to 150mm. Dust hood 120mm dia.
Tenoning heads top and bottom cutterblocks 150mm long x 160mm on 40mm dia. shaft each 3 HP at 5000 rpm
Horizontal movement of Top head 75mm - Bottom head 50mm
Max. tenon thickness 185mm.
3 x Dust hoods 140mm dia, 1 x 100mm.
Vertical head for Scribing tools - 35mm dia. shaft with 150mm useful working length 5.5 HP motor at 3600 rpm. When fitted with top and bottom scribing heads useful working length of each shaft is reduced to 100mm + 100mm
Vertical movement from 110mm to 170mm (dependant on model)
Horizontal movement 150mm
Maximum scribe diameter 320mm (optional 350mm dia)
Mechanical Digital readouts to all axis for easy setting
Table size 400 x 600 mm equipped with aluminum fence 2800mm with 2 mechanical reference stops and swivelling +/- 45 degrees
Front table extension 410mm x 515mm
Fitted with two off pneumatic clamps as standard

Configurations of machines available as follows:

UTP 150/6 (Cut off Saw, Top and Bottom Tenon, Vertical Scribe)
UTP 150/7 (Cut off Saw, T & B Tenon, T & B Scribe)
UTP 150/8 (Cut off Saw, T & B Tenon, 2 x Vertical Scribe)
UTP 150/9 (Cut off Saw, T & B Tenon, T & B Scribe, Extra Vertical Scribe Shaft)

Optional Equipment

Enlarged table 1000 x 600mm with extended crossbar
Lateral extension of the table 410mm wide x 614mm long
Vertical shaft diameter change (40 or 50mm)
Increase to 10hp on vertical shaft
Increase in Max tool dia on vertical shaft from 320mm to 350mm
Device for vertical movement of tenon heads together (maintaining tenon thickness)
Motorised vertical movement of vertical shaft with digital readout (standard on 400mm shaft)
Motorised tenoning carriage with variable speed 2 to 25m/min complete with pneumatic clamps
Vertical shaft 400mm long x 50mm dia. with vertical stroke 270mm, motorised vertical movement with
digital readout for positioning (10hp motor)
Circular saw diameter 450mm for cutting height of 150mm

Machine available on finance with 20% deposit from a price per week of 117.95

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