Brick Slip Robot Launching At The Offsite Construction Show

MBA the joint venture between JJ Smith & H&Mwill be launching their all new brick slip robot machine atThe Offsite Construction Showin October.

The machine is a completely automated production line for gluing and applying brick slip to aprefabricated element.

To see a smaller versionof the robot in action building a 1 m2 wallvisit us on standF22

The mainMBAstandF21will be opposite the robot where will have the latest version of ourMobi Oneall-in-one assembly machine for offsite construction elements. The machine can download drawings from software design packages and accurately position components for nailing or stapling.

MBAoffer a complete range of equipment for the manufacture of panels including materials such as Steel, Timber and Sandwich Panels, all of which are used in the construction of buildings, including walls, floors, roofs and other elements.