New Centauro ALFA Twin - CNC Milling Machine For Doors & Frames

Following on from the very successful Centauro ALFA CNC milling / slotting machine, of which over 60 plus have been installed in the UK to date, Centauro have introduced the all new ALFA Twin model which is a dedicated CNC milling machine for internal doors and frames. The main advantage of the Twin over the standard machine is that a door can be simultaneously machined on both sides at the same time without having to manually move it or turn it. The result is a machined door with 3 hinge recesses, lock slot, face plate recess and handle / key hole in approximately 2 minutes. In addition it is also possible to machine 2 linings / jambs, again both at the same time.

As standard the ALFA Twin is equipped with 6 adjustable vacuum cups to hold the door in position whilst it is being machined. By utilising this system it means both sides of the door can be fully machined without having to take in to account the position of mechanical or pneumatic clamps, which of course are not needed. For machining of the lock slot and drilling / slotting for the handle hole / key slot there is a router head that automatically works in either the vertical or horizontal and has a travel distance in the X axis of 2800mm and in the Y axis of 150mm, although optionally this can be extended to 600mm. On the opposite side there is a horizontal milling head that is used for producing the hinge recesses, again with a 2800mm X axis travel. On request it is possible to equip either one or both sides with an additional horizontal milling head that can be used to make the small pilot hole for hinge or lock screws and / or to machine a square corner hinge or lock recess. When processing linings / jambs adjustable pneumatic clamps are fitted. Programming is extremely quick and simple thanks to the latest generation 10” graphic colour touch screen controller with pre-installed electronic macro templates. Door width working capacity is maximum 950mm and minimum 650mm, but optionally this can be increased to 1100mm and 800mm respectively. Other options include motorised positioning of the door on driven belts, infeed and outfeed roller tables and an uprated router head motor of 5.6kw.

Exclusive UK agents JJ Smith have an ALFA Twin set up and readily available for demonstration in their Liverpool showroom. They believe this competitively priced machine will prove ideal for the many companies who need a quick, simple and efficient machine for processing doors and linings. In addition to offering the ALFA and Twin models, JJ Smith also supply a range of through feed, high volume door production lines from specialist manufacturer Essepegi. For further details please contact us on 0151 548 9000,