Deltawood High Production Mortising Machines

Deltawood is the new brand name for what was formerly known as Lari & Lari, with the new company carrying on the long tradition of manufacturing multi head and CNC oscillating swing chisel mortisers, specific for the volume machining of parts for gates, fence posts, doors and windows. The machine range is now available exclusively in the UK through woodworking machinery specialists JJ Smith.

The RD3C-M model comes as standard with 3 swing chisel mortising heads that are manually adjusted on the X axis, which has a 3m working length capacity. Once activated the clamping operation, table movement, and mortising cycle is automatic. This machine is ideal for high production output of components that have the same size and position of mortise slots. On average, it would be possible to produce a mortised component with up to 5 mortise slots in less than one minute.

The RD3C-A CNC model offers a higher degree of flexibility needed to produce different size mortise slots in varying positions. The machine is equipped with 3 independent oscillating mortising heads that are controlled on the X, Y and Z axis by the CNC program. Each head is equipped with an automatic anti-splinter device with chip removal hood. Programming is very simple through the Windows based 'D-WOOD' parametric software which uses electronic macro templates. Optionally the machine can be supplied with up to 4 horizontal electro spindles, also controlled through the CNC for drilling / milling operations such as hardware recesses. Also, it is possible to configure the machine with infeed and outfeed loading / unloading systems.

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