Greenhouse People Invest In New Sarmax Coating Machine

New from specialist coating machinery manufacturer Sarmax is the model Q Base which has been designed for the application of preservative coatings / paints for both square section timber and also profiled / mortised / tenoned section for joinery components.

Sarmax Q-Base through feed preservative application machine

The Greenhouse People Ltd is a family owned and run business, manufacturing and retailing garden and leisure buildings throughout the UK. The timber products consist of a large range of best-selling greenhouses and high end summerhouses. As a result of there being a number of different sizes and designs there are many different shaped timber profiles being produced, all of which need fully coating on all sides and ends with preservative. Although the company has invested in a wide range of new machines to help them increase production and improve efficiency, the coating of the components had been put to one side and like many companies in the garden building sector they had been using the old style dip tank. Although this works to a fashion, it presented a number of problems including too much liquid being applied to the product, uneven coating, drying time too long, very labour intensive and lastly preservative wastage.

Examples of components that can be coated on the on the Q-Base

Greg Killeen from the Greenhouse People takes up the story "We had visited JJ Smith earlier in the year for a demonstration on another machine, but we are always keen at looking at anything that we think may benefit production and make for a better product for our customers. On walking around the showroom area we spotted a Sarmax APACHE machine which we soon realised was for the application of preservatives/ paints. Paul Parker of JJ Smith kindly demonstrated the machine for us there and then. He explained that this was a through feed machine using special brushes and air that helps remove excess liquid but was designed to work with square / rectangular wood sections. However after seeing the machine in operation it was still clear that there was the possibility to significantly improve our coating operation, providing we could process tenoned, mortised profiled timber". To do this Paul proposed the new Sarmax Q-BASE model which works on a similar basis to the APACHE, but was designed specifically to work with profiled sections. It incorporates a series of nozzles that applies the preservative to all faces / edges / ends of the timber and then a series tunnel blowers that removes the excess liquid. As with all Sarmax machines the excess preservative is recycled through the in built filter and pump system so it can be used again, thus making significant cost savings. Greg arranged to send some samples over to the Sarmax factory in Italy for test and was more than happy with the results. An order was placed straight away and the machine has now been installed for 6 months. Greg comments "We noticed tangible benefits from day one including increased output, better, smoother application of preservative, quicker drying times and cost savings in terms of using less preservative. So it is proving to be a very worthwhile investment".The Q- Base is just one of a range of over 10 different application machines that Sarmax produce, designed to cover all budgets and production requirements.

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