Intorex 5 axis CNC 'Turns Heads' At W18

Intorex model TMC 3000 5 axis 'between centres' CNC machining centre

The unique Intorex model TMC 3000 is a 5 axis 'between centres' CNC machining centre that can produce a wide range of parts for the furniture and joinery industries, from complex shaped table or chair legs to contemporary design or turned stair parts, all coming off finished machined and sanded on all sides. To demonstrate some of its main machining capabilities, it was set up at the show to produce a stair newel post that was almost 3m in length and 120mm square.

To cope with machining such large sections, this particular model was equipped with a special semi automatic loading and unloading system, together with an adjustable automatic steady that helped support the post in the middle. As standard it is equipped with a milling head that can 'dead' size the blank if required, along with a sanding head that can finish sand the post on all 4 sides. To facilitate producing a turned design on the end of the post such as a ball the machine is also fitted with a specially designed sawblade that can produce a high quality turned part or section. To machine all the fixing slots and holes in the lower half of the post and again on all 4 sides, the TMC uses an overhead router head, complete with a 10 position high speed rotary tool changer. When equipped with suitable tooling, the router can also produce additional decorative designs on the top half of the post such as stop chamfers, flutes or ornate shapes. Using a circular milling tool the head of the post can also be machined (see picture below). In addition to newel posts it is also possible to produce a wide range of stair spindles. On request a flat table can be added with pneumatic or vacuum clamping giving the facility for standard 4 axis machining applications. The TMC is just one of 3 different machining centres Intorex produce along with a range of dedicated CNC tuning lathes available in a number of different sizes and configurations depending on customers individual production requirements. The TMC which was at the show has just been installed at one of the UK's leading designers and manufacturers of high quality staircases.

Intorex TMC router head chamfering the top of a newel post