New 3 Axis H&M AngleMaster Saw for Rob Roy Homes

Timber Frame manufacturer Rob Roy Homes who specialise in one off self builds and other high end developments have recently made a significant investment in a new HM-Z 3 axis fully programmable cross cut saw for straight and angled cutting.

As the housing market started to show a significant upturn last year, Rob Roy Homes felt that the time was right to start a replacement plan for the existing saws. Managing Director John Denholm takes up the story. “We have had H&M saws for cutting all our straight and angled framework for well over 10 years and they have proved to be very reliable, working more or less none stop from day one. Whilst still perfectly functional one machine was starting to show signs of age and because we were so much busier I took the decision to buy a new saw. As we had always been very happy with the H&M saws and the excellent back up support JJ Smith offered on both the machines and software, we had no hesitation in contacting Martin Smith to discuss the proposed supply of a new saw”. After detailed discussions about current and future production requirements Martin suggested moving up to the new HM-Z 3 axis saw which offered increased cutting capacities and so would be able to cope with the bigger section timber Rob Roy were starting to use for the cut rafters in their timber frame kits.

The all new saw consisted of the latest design of heavy duty in feed and out feed tables along with precision rack and pinion drive for the pusher unit. In addition the saw unit was equipped with a new clamping system while other updates included the ability to cut angle components up to 250mm high. Also although the software has been updated, it is still completely compatible with that used on the existing saws, thus minimising the learning curve for the production office and machine operators.

The machine has now been installed several months and Graeme Roughhead, Rob Roy’s production manager, was sufficiently impressed after the machine was set up to email J J Smith to say “Thank you for a successful install of the new saw. It looks very impressive and will be a great asset for our company. Please pass on our thanks to everyone involved.”

Martin Smith adds “Rob Roy is typical of companies in the timber frame industry that we have worked with through the good years and in leaner times. It is a great expression of confidence that customers continue to return to us to supply them with the latest, most advanced machinery that is available. In part we think this is due JJ Smith being viewed as a trusted supplier offering a high quality, long term back up service.

The HM-Z saw supplied to Rob Roy is part of the family of saws and equipment that J J Smith not only supply to the timber frame industry, but also to the Joinery and solid wood furniture manufacturing sectors. These range from simple manual saws and positioning systems through to fully automatic saws. The company also offers complete TF framing solutions including multi-function bridges, assembly tables and butterfly tables.