New ‘All in One’ CNC Crosscut & Drilling Machine From JJ Smith

Camam model TAC CNX 1U combined automatic cross cut saw with NC point to point drilling.

Camam who are part of the Comec group of companies, have recently introduced a new model of angular CNC controlled cross cut saw equipped with a vertical point to point drilling head and vertical hopper feed loading system. This machine is ideal for cutting and drilling of furniture rails, chair corner blocks and parts for children’s outdoor play equipment. In addition it can be used for aluminium window / door profiles and working with recycled plastics. What use to be two separate operations of cutting and drilling are now combined and integrated on one single machine.

The TAC CNX 1U as standard has a sawblade that can angle automatically through the program +/- 60 degrees, and in addition has a 5 spindle point to point vertical drill gearbox, which is controlled in 3 axis by the CN. The result is that the machine can be programmed to cut different length, different angled parts with different hole configurations from one length of timber. Thanks to the vertical hopper feed loader with a length capacity of 3m (longer on request) the machine has a fully automatic cycle of feeding, drilling, cutting and ejection of the piece. This means the TAC can be part of a production cell with the possibility of just one operator running 2 or 3 machines together.

The saw has a 4kw motor with the cutting speed adjustable through an inverter up to 4000rpm, while the advancement speed of the feeding pincers is also adjustable up to 60 mt/min. The machine can accept workpiece sections 10 to 200mm wide and 10 to 80mm in thickness. For programming the TAC is equipped with dedicated software loaded on the latest generation 12” colour touch screen controller with graphic operator interface. Thanks to the cutting / drilling area being totally enclosed in a cabin with electrically interlocked doors and clear vision panels the operator is afforded a high level of safety, whilst still being able to clearly see the main working area. On request the TAC can be supplied with a horizontal loading system and outfeed ejection and sorting system, configured to suit customers individual production requirements.

Examples of some drilled and cut parts - straight or angled cutting.