New D-MAC Tenon Flex Programmable Twin Table Tenoner

JJ Smith are pleased to announce the introduction of the new D-MAC CNC Tenon Flex in to their portfolio of machines for solid wood furniture production. The machine is capable of producing both round end tenons and square end tenons, plus dowels, making it ideal for either indoor or outdoor furniture.

Unlike conventional mechanical single end tenoners, the Tenon Flex does not require any mechanical adjustments for setting the tenon length, thickness or inclination. Instead the required dimensions are quickly and easily programmed on the machine controller using the resident windows based software, which incorporates graphic representations of the type and size of tenon to be produced. Once the program has been created it can then be memorised under a product code or customer name and recalled at any time as required. As standard the Tenon Flex is fitted with twin tables allowing for sequenced operation to maximise production output. In addition the machine has the capability of producing different size and shaped tenons or dowels on each table.Given that the machine is so simple to set up and is extremely flexible, JJ Smith feel that the D-MAC Tenon Flex will eventually replace the standard mechanical model, especially given that the cost difference between the two is not so much. For further information or to arrange a demonstration please contact JJ Smith.