Profistop - 'The New Stop On The Block'

Profistop - 'The New Stop On The Block'

JJ Smith are delighted to announce the introduction in to the UK and Ireland of the all new Profistop® length stop and feeding systems, for which they will be exclusive distributors. The Profistop® range has been designed and configured to suit JJ Smith's specific requirements, in particular relating to the software and the latest generation 'user friendly' touch screen tablet controller, which unlike other programmable stops is standard across the complete range. The Profistop® can be linked to a wide range of different machines, helping to transform manual equipment into simple to use, semi-automated and highly productive work stations. It can be set up for either left hand or right hand operation, with the facility to mount on a range of either flat top or roller all steel tables with adjustable legs. Working capacity goes from 3m up to 9m, with the possibility to increase this on the HD model. Positioning accuracy is +/- 0.1 to 0.25mm.

The range consists off:

Profistop 'Basic' - a simple heavy-duty automatic measuring stop that can be linked to say cross cut saws, with a simple to use 10” touch screen, go-to-position operation and 15 hot key positions .The Basic is designed to be a no frills, simple to use product that eliminates manual marking out, tape measures and tiresome costly mistakes when material is cut to an incorrect size. It is an ideal replacement for manual mechanical flip stops or old, obsolete programmable stops.

Profistop 'Advanced' - combining the functionality of the Basic model and coupled with the capability of offline programming in XLS format (transferable by email or USB), writing new cutting lists on the controller, incremental feeding, batch / cycle cutting and blade kerf compensation. These features make the Advanced the most complete length stop system on the market.

Profistop 'HD' - with a heavy duty rack and pinion drive system, the HD is particularly suitable for the longest and heaviest of materials – up to 600kg. The HD is equipped with all the features of Advanced but can also be supplied in custom lengths to suit the most challenging of applications.

Options on the range include on-screen cut list optimisation to minimise waste and streamline production, auto label printing with or without barcodes and lastly the Opticut-1D cloud based production management software.

JJ Smith will carry a full stock of the Profistop® that will be delivered pre-assembled and ready to use. Sales Director Ian Stanley comments "With Profitstop we feel we have a length stop / feeding system that is the most advanced on the market today. They are simple to use, extremely accurate and competitively priced. While available as stand alone units to link to existing equipment, we can supply them as a complete package together with Graule radial cross cut saws and trenchers, Stromab upstroke crosscut saws, Omga mitre saws and also the range of Fom aluminium cutting machines. Profistop can also work in conjunction with machines for metal working, plastics, composites or steel.

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