Protecting Your Profits With Omma Laminators

The protection of products during different working phases, stocking and delivery, is a vital necessity for companies believing in quality as the distinctive sign. Avoiding damage to surfaces that are already finished dramatically reduces waste and also the production cost related to re-work. OMMA is a leading manufacturer of roll application machinery for over 40 years, and produce a high quality line of equipment for protective films, laminating, and other ancillary processes. Traditionally these machines are used for applying film to protect products such as high gloss laminate panels, decorative covered panels and also sheet material used in the automotive and aerospace industries. However, JJ Smith has noticed the demand to protect stair parts within the industry and can now offer a full range of OMMA machinery to suit your needs. Key areas of stairs can now be fully protected prior to dispatch to site. The film can be easily removed when required and leaves the surface free from dirt and damage. There are various types of film available, including a non-slip type, that if required can be used on the treads.

Starting from a simple manual laminator and progressing upwards to more complex machinery inserted into highly automated lines, OMMA laminators are configured to meet the customers specific requirements.

Available Models

PRO-JET with manual cutting of the protective film is the OMMA proposal to protect many different types of products. Having a solid floor structure and the possibility for a double side application at the same time (as option), PRO-JET is the right choice as alternative to the more sophisticated laminators with automatic cutting. Specifically designed for a stand-alone use, it’s also suitable for medium productions of large panels with high dimensions and weight.

PRO-JET standard configuration includes:

  • Infeed lateral adjustable guide.
  • Micrometric adjustable thickness.
  • Electronic variable speed.
  • Continuous or discontinuous functioning mode with pedal.
  • Top overhanging supply shaft with quick loading system of the reels.

Optional extras include:

  • Top and bottom application at the same time
  • Heating of the laminating rolls
  • Motorized shaft to rewind excess film

PRO-J with automatic cutting, offers the ideal solution to staircase manufacture and is the natural evolution towards a complete and automatic machine. With better characteristics and suitable for important production. PRO-J laminator has an automatic cut and is extremely flexible in its use, normally configured for top application of self-adhesive plastic films for protection.

PRO-J standard equipment includes:

  • Single sided application of film with an electro pneumatic cutting guillotine.
  • Multi function display for machine program controlled via PLC.
  • Variable speed from 4 – 18m/min.
  • Longitudinal cutting of oversize film
  • Twin guides for panel alignment.

Optional extras include, double sided application of film, rotatory carousels for quicker change overs, motorised brushing units for rounding on stair tread bull nose boards and infeed / outfeed roller conveyors.

PRO-J_TF with automatic cut to the edges, has been designed with the clear purpose to solve the well known problems about application of self-adhesive protective films, cutting the material exactly to the panel’s extremities. By means of its sophisticated cut and control system it allows film application using 3 different solutions: Cut to the edges, with external excess and millimetres inside the panel’s extremities.

PRO-J_TF Standard equipment includes:

  • Twin guides for panel alignment.
  • Electronic variable speed.
  • Motorized thickness adjustment
  • High precision cold automatic cut device, programmable by the operator.
  • Top film supply shaft complete with adjustable brake for film tension.
  • Multi function display for machine program controlled via PLC.
  • Motorised infeed and outlet rollers, integrated into the machine.

Optional extras include

Overhanging supply shaft with air expansion and adjustable brake for film tension;

Top rotating carousel to mount 4 rolls, automatic aligner and longitudinal cut, to obtain a full protection without excess film to any edge.

Brushing unit for bull nose wrapping

Non-slip film for stair treads

Automatic rewind of excess film

Guides for panel alignment

Multi functioning PLC display

Longitudinal film cutting device