SCA Timber Supply UK Invest In a 2nd Cursal Cross Cutting Line

SCA Timber Supply UK, supplier of timber and associated products to the UK’s building materials market, have once again chosen JJ Smith to supply and install their new fully automated Cross Cutting Line at their production facility in Melton, Humberside. SCA believe by investing in the latest equipment it puts them in a strong position to lead the supply market which is reflected in their decision to purchase a second Cursal optimising crosscutting line.

Last year JJ Smith successfully installed a Cursal TRSI optimising cross cut saw with in-feed loading chains and separating system and out-feed belt with pneumatic ejectors at SCA, this meant the company had no hesitation to call upon them again for their expert advice on a second crosscutting line. SCA’s requirements for the next installation were more specific, with the emphasis being on further automation in order to keep up with the growing demand for their cut to size door linings and casings.

Following detailed discussions regarding current production requirements, Kevin McGlone, cross cut product manager at JJ Smith, proposed a second Cursal TRSI automatic optimising cross cut saw, this time fitted with an automated vacuum lift in-feed system to load the boards directly from packs of timber from the heavy duty floor mounted driven in-feed chains. The line proposed consisted of a Cursal CV3 7000 x 4500 vacuum loading system with 2 x vacuum bodies capable of placing 1 or 2 boards on the infeed chain of the saw which has a cycle time of up to 8 cycles per minute. Also specified was an automatic sticks removal system to remove sticks between board layers by means of a motorised horizontal brush with height sensors.

A second Cursal TRSI automatic crosscut saw with a 6.2m loading capacity and high speed programmable pusher was also included. Equipped with CALS in-feed chains with a board separating system this allows the operator to select how many boards are actually pushed through the saw and cut. The saw unit has a 500mm blade, giving a maximum cutting range of up to 120mm high and 300mm wide, with a pneumatic side pressure to help ensure an accurate square cut. The machine has a top adjustable clutch pressure roller that stops any over running of the timber and thus guaranteeing a cutting accuracy of +/- 0.2mm / m with a pusher speed of 200m/min. The TRSI also has an 8m outfeed conveyor with 2 x pneumatic ejectors pre-programmed for the cut components to be transferred to the required ‘bins’. Also on the out-feed is a 45 degree waste conveyor taking the off-cuts directly to a waste skip.

The crosscutting line was delivered and installed at the end of 2015 in order to start full production in the New Year. Kevin McGlone commented “Since the installation we had not heard from SCA which normally indicates it has been a success, however out of courtesy we arranged a follow up visit by our technician in order to ensure everything was running smoothly and that the line was working to its optimum capacity. SCA have commented that as with their original Cursal line, the production output and accuracy of cut has fully met with their requirements.

Cursal is the latest addition to JJ Smith’s cross cutting portfolio which also includes Stromab and H&M programmable cross cut saws and the Graule range of radial arm cross cut saws. Kevin McGlone comments “While Stromab continue to be our key partner for standard push fed saws, linking up with Cursal was a natural progression for us as it gives us the facility to offer complete push fed or through feed cross cutting lines complete with automated handling solutions. With this range of equipment we feel we are now well placed to cover all market sectors.”