The Easy Way To Rip Timber

MZ LC 4000 Semi Automatic Rip Saw For Solid Wood

The MZ LC heavy duty rip saw has been designed for the accurate and safe cutting of primarily solid timber boards, planks, sheet material or SIP panels, plastics and composites. Unlike many old style straight line rip saw saws where the timber is fed through the machine and the blade stays stationary, on the LC the timber stays stationary whilst the blade moves. This gives it a number of distinct advantages including easy loading with one man operation, enhanced operator safety, high cutting precision and more flexibility.

MZ LC 4000 Rip Saw With Optional Cross Cut Facility

The LC is available with a range of cutting lengths from 2.2m to 6.2m. Standard features include a presser clamp along the full length of the machine, a laser line, motorised rear fence with 300mm saw to fence capacity, vertical lifting of the fence to allow for larger material to be loaded or to use the machine as a cross cut (optional). The saw carriage movement is on precision linear slides with heavy duty rack and pinion drive and variable speed. It is also possible to select the cutting height which is 145mm maximum using a 500mm dia blade, making it ideal for cutting even the biggest timber sections. Operation of the machine is very safe with finger guards covering the complete front side of the pressure beam, whilst on the rear side there are mesh guards. The eye level colour touch screen control unit gives the operator the possibility to store a number of required cut sizes, or just manually enter a size to be cut.

Options include idle or driven front / rear cross cut tables with the choice of either mechanical or pneumatic flip stops, the facility to increase the rear fence to saw capacity to either 600mm or 1300mm and lastly a built in conveyor to take away cut waste parts. Exclusive UK agent JJ Smith feel that the MZ LC Rip Saw will prove of real interest to a number of different manufacturing sectors including solid wood furniture, stairs & joinery or in mill operations where there is a requirement to rip down timber prior to moulding or in some cases prior to being laminated.