Tunstall Garden Buildings Install New Sarmax Primer Spraying Machine

Based in Stoke On Trent, TGB have been designing and manufacturing high quality sheds, garden buildings, and log cabins for over 15 years. Everything is built to the highest standards and their client list includes a host of well known sports personalities. The company never stand still and if there are ways of improving quality and production output they are always willing to invest in equipment and processes to achieve this, which is highlighted by the recent purchase of a Sarmax timber impregnating machine from UK agents JJ Smith. Although they have their own finishing shop using spray guns, a significant element of the preservative / primer / paint application was still being done by hand which off course was very labour intensive.

As result owner Mark Jobburn contacted JJ Smith to enquire about suitable machinery that would help speed up the process. They knew straight away that one of the Sarmax Apache range of machines would provide Mark with the solution he was looking for. This range has been specifically designed for this type of work and are available in a number of different configurations to suit customers individual production requirements. The main feature of the Sarmax Apache is its ability to apply an even and consistent application of the primer to the required areas. This is achieved first off by the spraying nozzles which are positioned to give the optimum coverage (even in to slots / grooves), with the ability to regulate the flow to each one through the control valves positioned at the front of the machine. Once through the spraying area the timber enters the brushing and blowing compartment. Here special brushes and blowers remove any excess liquid before the component comes out of the machine. The excess liquid from both the spraying and brushing operations does not go to waste, instead it is filtered back to the supply tank / container and so ready to use again. The finished, treated length of timber does not require any further work.

The machine installed at Tunstall Garden Buildings is the Apache 3 model equipped with 2 top and 1 bottom brushing unit and 2 adjustable side air blowers. In addition it had the optional variable feed speed through inverter and infeed and outfeed idle roller tables. This specification was based on it being used on shiplap material and 44mm thick walling for log cabins. It has now been operational for several months and Mark is delighted with its performance and comments “ Not only is it so much faster than hand application, we are also getting a nice, even and consistent application from start to finish. In addition we are certainly using less wood preservative, which hopefully will amount to a good saving over a 12 month period”.

Thanks to the Teflon coated internal spraying and brushing compartment clean up is quick and simple meaning it is possible to change from one colour paint / primer to another without problem. Also the drive system of the feed rollers / brushes is totally enclosed in a separate compartment and so requires minimal maintenance. Changing working heights / widths is also fast and simple through hand wheels with mechanical siko readouts to show the working dimensions that have been set. Options include variable feed speeds, infeed and outfeed roller tables and brush cleaning tanks. For high volume production automated infeed and outfeed handling, with drying systems can also be supplied. The Apache range consists of 8 different models that cover all production requirements and budgets. For the application of primer paint to profiled / rebated timber for doors and windows there is the special Q Base model.