Working Together With Stromab For Continued Success In The UK Market

With UK and Ireland sales in 2016 topping 45 programmable cross cut saws, it would have been very easy for both JJ Smith and Stromab to rest on their laurels and once again congratulate themselves on a record year of sales. However this is not how either company work and their joint goal is always to continue with product development , both hardware and software, along with growing their support infrastructures enabling them to keep pace with the year on year increase in sales. To this end a strategy meeting took place at the Stromab HQ near Modena in December. In attendance were all the team members from both companies enabling a wide ranging discussion to take place covering these important aspects.

JJ Smith managing director Martin Smith picks up the story “ As a company we focus on building and maintaining long term relationships with our suppliers. In order to develop markets and continue growth in sales we think it is vitally important to have close working relationships with all our main manufacturers partners, not only on sales, but also product support and development. Such is the importance of our relationship with our lead supplier of automatic crosscuts, Stromab SRL from Italy, I decided that all the members of staff involved with sales and customer support should go to the Stromab factory to discuss various aspects of the cooperation. We were keen to provide feedback on the market in the UK & Ireland and discuss ways in which the products could be continuously improved for 2017 and beyond”. Product manager Kevin McGlone puts the success down to a combination of quality equipment coupled with indepth product knowledge, back up support and also keeping an ear to the ground listening to what customers are looking for. He says “By doing this and working so closely with the manufacturer we are able to offer customers the right solution to suit their particular production requirements”. Stromab MD Rocco Bertesi comments “ I think that 2016 was a remarkable year for sales of our automatic saws to the UK, and as a result of our recent meeting we will shortly be introducing some new innovations that I am confident will help us maintain and improve our market share, not only in the UK but worldwide”.

Currently the Stromab range of programmable cross cuts saws comprise of the Matrix Base, Matrix ‘Fast’ and CT600 for straight / angled cutting. In addition both the CT600 and Matrix base can be supplied in the ‘F’ version with in built trenching / notching head. To date there are over 300 machines installed throughout the UK and Ireland in a wide range of different industries including furniture, joinery, packing cases, pallets, garden products, sheds and also plastics. JJ Smith always try to have at least 3 machines in stock which are available for customer demonstrations / testing and also for quick delivery.

The last words must go to some of the many satisfied customers who have purchased Stromab machines. Daniel Ayres from the Bed Base company says “ We installed our first Stromab Matrix around 10 years ago and it has never missed a beat. Due to increased workload we have just installed our second machine”. The Green House People installed a Stromab CT600 earlier this year and Greg Killeen comments “It is a fantastic machine which works all day everyday giving a very accurate angle and length of cut”. Bayram Timber in Hull have recently installed 2 new Matrix Base saws to add the Matrix F they installed early last year, which was in addition to their existing 2 Stromab saws. Works manager Geoff Dixon summed up his thoughts “The fact we keep buying these machines says a lot in itself. They are robustly built, simple to program and most importantly reliable. I would have no hesitation in recommending them or JJ Smith who are always very easy to work with and have a wealth of knowledge when it comes to cross cutting machinery”