Cursal TRV 1200 L Automatic Crosscut Saw for Firewood

Automatic PLC controlled rapid speed crosscut saw, designed to produce firewood / kindling recovered from random / waste material. The machine is equipped with a 550 mm saw-blade with pneumatic vertical saw stroke, Smart system blade change with quick release nut and anti locking device, adjustable cutting speed from 0,3 to 1,5 seconds. The structure is built in such a way to channel the material through the cutting zone, by means of the 2 x motorized low wear belts, one before and one after the saw blade. The material is clamped by a special multi press with 5 independent cylinders to hold the material firmly during the cutting operation, the length of the piece can be adjusted via a timer, There are various optional extras available such as the motorized in-feed conveyor and 45 degree wast conveyor.

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