MZ Project Quater, Hopper & Universal Models Of Copying Bandsaws

MZ Project have specialised in the design and manufacture of copy bandsawing machines since the company was first set up in the mid 1980's. As result they have built up a wealth of knowledge and expertise in cutting shaped / profiled components for chairs, furniture frames, suite frames, sports equipment etc. In addition these machines can also be used for cutting plastics, composites, cork etc. Depending on the type of material being cut, and if there is a requirement for defect cutting there are 3 models to choose from.

The QUATER model, working in manual mode, gives the facility for the operator to manually move the timber for each cut (against preset pneumatic stops), giving the ability to cut around knots or defects as required.
The HOPPER model only works in automatic mode meaning once the timber or sheet has been loaded the clamping, movement of the material,stroke of the carriage and cut is all automatic.
The UNIVERSAL model gives the possibility to work in manual, semi automatic and full automatic mode.

As standard all machines are equipped with the patented 4 template tracing system with the bandsaw blade that automatically angles +/- 45 degrees, meaning the blade can turn to suit the shape / design to be cut as per the template. The 4 template system allows for the cutting of symmetrical pieces, asymmetrical pieces, two shaped pieces completely different in shape / design and finally nested mirror image. In addition the machines are equipped with a 5.7" colour touch screen control unit giving the facility to memorise machine set ups. Movement of the table in both the x and y axis is on precision linear bearings / slides. Using copy bandsawing technology gives higher production output, better utiilisation of material, more accurate cut plus improved operator safety when compared to stand alone basic bandsaws.

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