ProfiStop Advanced Programmable Positioning System

ProfiStopAdvanced is a simple and inexpensive stop positioning solution, suitable for transforming your machinery into simple to use, semi automated workstations. With a positioning accuracy of +/-0.1mm, the system ensures fast and accurately positioned parts in wood, plastic, metal and composites. In addition to the sophisticated mechanical automation, Profistop streamlines your production management in the most intuitive ways possible, from the initial order to the finished cut parts - meaning no more manual marking out or inaccurate lengths.

"Advanced" features include:
- 10" Colour touch screen
- Simple to use windows interface
- Enter + Go to length
- Auto feed function
- List optimisation*
- Position Calculator
- 15 hot key positions
- Offline (office) programming with wifi / email transfer
- Blade kerf compensation
- Multi cut counting

* Profistop's onscreen optimisation software meaning complex job lists can be full optimised at the touch of a button.

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