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Donaldson Timber Engineering Install Stromab Crosscut Saw For I Beams, Glulam And LVL

The New 14m Capacity Stromab TR601 programmable cross cut saw cutting I beams to length

Having supplied a number a manual crosscuts and a variety of stop systems to various Donaldson Timber Engineering (DTE) depots in the recent past, Martin Smith, J J Smith MD was keen to explore with Ed Kirk, DTE’s Operations Director the benefits of automating the cutting of I Beams.

Ed Kirk commented “I Beam cutting is traditionally a very labour intensive process and I wanted to speed up the process, both in terms of getting the optimised data down to the machine from our office software, but also the positioning and cutting of the required lengths. J J Smith had experience of this with other clients and we were able to draw on this and develop it for our own production requirements. In particular Martin advised that they had a new heavier duty saw capable of pushing loads up to 750kgs. This was of particular interest to me, as we can cut heavy sections of glulam and LVL and I needed to be happy the equipment was robust enough for both this and standard I beam cutting”.

A detailed machine specification was agreed, with particular input from Donaldsons as to what they required. As a result an order was confirmed for a Stromab TR601 MX fully programmable cross cut saw with a 14m infeed capacity and a saw unit with a 600mm dia blade giving a cutting capacity of up to 650mm wide x 200mm, a 12.5hp main motor and hydraulically controlled cutting action. To enable pushing of such heavy weights, while maintaining a high level of cutting accuracy, Stromab redesigned their standard rack and pinion Matrix pusher unit so it had a 200mm profile and incorporating heavy duty precision linear guides and bearings.The machine was also fitted with an outfeed monitor to display the actual cut sizes as they are produced, along with a with a special label printer which enables labels to be printed on Polypropylene. In order to provide a direct interface with DTE’s office software, JJ Smith’s own Design2Saw Level 3 software was specified allowing cutting lists to be read in and pre-optimised against stock lengths. A picking list is produced for the workshop, together with an optimised file for direct download over the network

Once the machine was complete the Donaldsons team, accompanied by JJ Smith’s Stromab Product Manager Kevin Mcglone, went to the Stromab factory to carry out actual machine testing. The results were everything they had expected and thereafter the machine was delivered and installed at their Ilkeston depot. Ed Kirk adds “The new machine has significantly increased productivity and as result we have now ordered a second machine which will also be installed at the same site.

Glulam beams being loaded on the Stromab TR601 ready for cross cutting

Martin Smith commented “DTE were happy to work collaboratively with us on developing this new machine and I am pleased that it has met their expectations. As a company JJ Smith specialise in both off the shelf and special crosscutting solutions and this project demonstrates our willingness to listen to customers and help them overcome production bottlenecks rather than simply offering standard equipment. Overall as the market leaders in specialist crosscutting applications, I am confident that we can offer appropriate solutions for almost any crosscutting requirement. I and my colleagues who work in this area look forward to helping other customers solve challenging applications in this field”.