H&M HM-T Automatic Upstroke Crosscut for Straight and Angled Cutting - 2005 CE

  • 7.9m infeed equipped with rollers (and steel infil pieces) to within 2m of the saw, with sheet table thereafter. This prevents the timber overrunning. This length will give a 6m clear loading capacity
  • Standard HM-T saw unit with 7.5hp motor
  • Table rotation down to 30 degrees in automatic mode and 12 degrees in semi automatic mode
  • 5m outfeed table, again with rollers and then sheet table for the last 2m.
  • Full industrial pc controller with sequence software. Ethernet card for linking to the office.
  • Facility to either program at the saw, or use the machine manually either as a pusher to align timber or as a stop.
  • Facility for the operator to amend cutting patterns at the saw
  • Outfeed monitor to display cut sizes
  • touch screen controller
  • Right to left feed

Year - 2005 CE Compliant

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