Martin T27 Flex Heavy Duty Tilting Spindle Moulder - 2018 CE - Ex demonstration

Substantial heavy steel basement with special Martin design composite infill and cast iron table offering maximum rigidity. All components are engineered to the finest tolerance's to ensure the T27 delivers long lasting precision machining and reliability. The 'Flex' has motorised rise / fall / tilt +/- 46 degrees. Every T27 is equipped with the latest generation of intuitive TFT touch screen controllers which have self explanatory colour icons, easy to read messages, and a well arranged menu structure to allow even the most inexperienced user to easily operate the machine. Up to 6 axis can be displayed with the facility to memorise up to 500 tools and 100 programs. (1000 each with optionally uprated control unit). The use of the latest generation control units greatly reduces set up times, improves machining accuracy and increases productivity. As standard the machines have the Martin 'Dornfix' quick change spindle system, with the option to upgrade HSK85 power lock or HSK 63F giving the facility of full tooling integration with CNC work centres. Other standard features include precision fence assembly with handwheel adjustment with digital display shown in the control panel, star delta starting, and overhead eye level control cabinet. Options include the 'famous' patented electrically adjustable table rings, fully motorised and programmable fence, integrated feed unit controlled through the program and sliding table or extended table.


- Table size 1255 x 900 x 95mm made from heavy ribbed cast iron.
- Table height 900mm.
- Table opening (rings) 255/205/161/106/74mm dia. Tools up to 250mm dia can be lowered below table level (max 150 for 45 degree tilting spindle moulder).
- Spindle RPM 3000, 4,000, 5,000, 6,000, 8,000 AND 10,000 RPM. Quick change belt mechanism.
- Motor power 5 / 6kw - 2 speed.
- Control panel at eye level with PowerPC - industrial level - with Linux operating system and TFT touch screen interface with USB interface for back up and software updates.
- Cutter spindle with DornFix quick change system, SK taper.
- 11/4" dia supplied as std.
- Spindle stroke 150mm (125mm for 7.5 / 9.5kw). Motorised with repeat accuracy of +/- 0.025mm.
- Flex model with tilting spindle arbor - motorised - +/- 46 degrees with repeat accuracy of +/- 0.005 degrees.
- Fence assembly, adjustable with one hand using handwheel according to digital display integrated in the control screen. Fence jaw right adjustable by handwheel with scale measurement. Martin fence plates made from hard coated aluminium movement range overall -6 to +125mm. Movement range of right fence -10/+10mm. Display resolution 0.05mm
- Max tool dia 250mm with fence / 350mm dia with tenoning guard.
- Central oil lubrication system with hand operated pump

Touch screen user interface 5.7".

* T27 FleX. Electronically controlled spindle cutting angle tiltable +/- 46 degrees. Full integration of cutting angle in the control and program memory. Repeat accuracy +/-0.005 degrees.
* Integrated display of fence position cutting depth.
* Expandable with the following additional controlled axis (optional max. 7 axis).
- Cutting depth total fence.
- Table rings - electric.
- Feeder support height.
- Feed speed.
- Fence jaw right.
* Easy to handle intuitive display and intuitive operation of up to 5 axis on the home page. Sixth axis on second page.
* Conversion and digital display of tool position (cutting height / cutting depth) in relation to table and fence based on stored tool data.
* Tool data memory for 500 tools, with 3 x reference points. Can be stored for each tool, thanks to the new and innovative tool assistant it has become very simple to enter and use adjustable tools.
* Program memory for 100 tool positions of all the digitally displayed axis.
* Simple tool and program selection via alphanumeric search function.
* Fully automated referencing of axis cutting height / cutting angle on Flex model.
* Controlled and manual movement of the axis.
* Selection of cutters rotation direction.
* Integrated calculator with axis related memory option with integrated operating timer counter.
* Diagnostics and help menu.
* USB connection for back up / updates.
* Software key switch /password protection for up to 2 users.
* When optional variable spindle speed is fitted, software incorporates collision detection system (patent pending). During the automatic positioning of the specified controlled axis, the spindle rotates with very light, effortless motion (circa 100 rpm). In this way the electronic system can safely identify any collision that may have occurred and warn the operator.

Fitted with following options......

- 1 1/4" dia shaft
- Digital indication of infeed fence jaw position on
- Integral fence plates
- Centrex guard
- Motorised table ring adjustment
- Table extensions both sides with adj. front support
- Console for feed unit.

Year - 2018 CE Compliant
Condition - As new, only used for showroom demonstrations.

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