Saomad ST620 Electronic Single End Tenoner - 2014 CE

Working Table
Overall dimensions 720 x 1130mm
2 x vertical clamps
Rotating anti chip device with 8 positions
Tenoning Carriage
Sliding table carriage on linear guides with rack and pinion drive
Motor and inverter with adjustable carriage speeds
Different speed under saw and tenon spindle
Adjustable speed 2 - 20 mt/min
Approach and return speed 40 mt/min
Carriage drive motor 0.37kw
Fence swing +/- 60

Circular Cut Off Saw
Motor power 3kw
Rotation speed 3000rpm
Saw diameter 450mm
Max cutting height 158mm
Electronic horizontal positioning
Pneumatic vertical positioning
1 x 120mm suction hood

Tenoning Spindle
Spindle length 620mm
Spindle diameter 50mm
Motor power 9.25kw
Rotation speed 3200rpm
Max tool diameter 320mm
Electronic vertical positioning
Automatic star delta starting
1 x 150mm suction hood

Machine complete with perimeter fencing to meet CE.

Year - 2014 CE Compliant

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