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Striebig Automat III TRK6220AV Vertical Wallsaw with Automatic Saw Carriage - 2001 CE

Cutting range 5300mm long x 2200mm high [ vertical ] and 2100mm high [ horiz ]
Depth of cut 80mm
Motor 5.5kw
300mm dia sawblade

Welded torsion resistant saw frame
Roller support with 17 rollers
Exceptionally stable saw beam with precision guides
Infintely variable feed speeds for saw carriage 10 - 25m/min
SPS control system with auto error display
Choice of automatic or manual control

TRK Enclosed extraction system
Includes scoring unit in original box [ scorer infrequently used.]

Year - 2001 CE Compliant
Condition - Good [ Working hours approx 6300.]

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