Homag BHP Vantage 43M Matrix Table CNC Machining Centre - 2010 CE


About this Product

Travel range - x 3945mm, Y 1953mm, Z1 325mm Z2 185mm
Vector speeds - X/Y - Z Axis - 80 / 20m/min

3130mm x 1250mm Matrix table
12kw HSK Routing Spindle
12 x Vertical drilling spindles, 6 horizontal drilling spindles [ 2 each in x , 1 each in y ]
Grooving saw x - y 90 degrees
C axis aggregate interface
Fixed 8 x position " pick up " toolchanger on right hand side of table.
Rotary 8 x position toolchnager moving in x axis
4 x vacuum pumps each 90 / 108m3/hour directly connected to vacuum areas
Manual quick change system for drilling spindles
4 x Extension stop systems [ 4 pneumatic lowerable stops ]
Tool length control - to length measure tools after tool change

Power control PC85 with
Windows xp
17" TFT Monitor
CD-RW device
Ethernet connection
Hand terminal
Upgrade to Woodwop 6 software

Weight 3800kg
Overall floor area approx 6.5m wide x 4.1m deep
Extraction volume 3170m3/h

Serial number - 0 250 17 1825
Year - 2010 CE Compliant

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