Boere Sandrite KC1300 Twin Head Wide Belt Sander - 2014 CE

About this Product

A high quality wide belt sanding machine suitable for many different types of sanding work. With single Roller followed by a Roller/Pad Combi unit second head. With these 2 heads the machine has the advantage of both calibrating and fine finishing in just one pass with two different grit sizes for an optimal finish. With the second combi head fitted the machine can be used for a variety of workpieces by selecting whether to use the pad unit or the softer rubber roller or a combination of both to achieve the desired final workpiece finish.

Technical Specification

Sanding width 1300mm
Sanding height 150mm
Sanding belt dimensions 1300 x 1900mm
Feed speed. Variable 4 - 15m/min

Equipped with

Steel Contact Roller x 18.5KW
Combination Roller / pad x 11KW
Lexian Window with LED
V8 Touch Control
700mm infeed Table
700mm Outfeed Table

Year - 2014 CE
Condition - Very Good

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