Graule ZS170N Radial Arm Crosscut

About this Product

A unique feature of the machine is that when angle cutting is required the saw unit pivots about a central point thus always maintaining the same cutting length. Although compact in design the machine gives large cutting capacity. Graule saws are ideal for cutting wood, aluminium, plastics and composite materials.


Precision ball bearing movement on hardened steel runners.

Sturdy cast iron construction with steel base stand.

Motor 3kw.

Spring return of sawcarriage.

420mm max. sawblade dia.

40mm dia spindle dia.

45 - 90 - 25 degree horizontal movement (swivel)

Vertical tilting. 90-45 degrees tilt to left. Max capacity 450mm wide x 115mm deep.

Cutting capacity:

450mm x 170mm deep at 90 degrees.

320mm wide x 170mm deep at 45 degrees (swivel).

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