Deltawood RD - Semi Automatic CNC Mortiser

About this Product

A semi automatic nc controlled either single or multi head semi automatic mortiser, with nc setting along x axis, ideal for quick setting between jobs with no manual adjustment on heads

Programmable positioning

No marking out

Up to 3 mortise heads


Heavy duty steel frame to give maximum stability and machining accuracy
Simple programming for automatic setting between mortises along X axis thru rack and pinion guides system with brushless motor for maximum precision.
Max Distance between mortises 2800mm
Fully parametric for mortise positions thru different length workpiece.
Auntomatically optimised when using more than one mortise head.
X Axis - NC Control
Y Axis - Hydraulic
Z Axis - Manual Adjustment
Fitted with Double Eccentic Delatwood Mortising Head - 3hp
3 x Horizontal Pneumatic Cylinders
Full Beam Vertical Pressure

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