Omec F9-75TS Corner Jointer for Door Linings - 2017 CE


About this Product

The F9 milling machine is designed to manufacture door frames with one, two or three parallel joints and 45° mitre in one single working cycle with no tool changes,
This type of process makes a more accurate, stable and consistent joint than traditional jointing systems using plugs, nails & screws. The outside of the frame shows only an aesthetic mitre joint.

Workpiece length 500mm - 2500mm
Workpiece width 100mm - 290mm
Indents 50mm
Case thickness 30mm - 70mm
Crosspiece thickness 30mm - 50mm
Motor 10.5kw (12.5hp)
Number of spindles - 1
Spindle rpm 5600rpm
Number of blades 2
Blade Speed 2800rpm

Overall Size 150 x 160 x 150cm
Weight 750kg
Production capacity approx 25 frames per hour

Year - 2017 CE Compliant

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