Stromab CT600 Automatic Upstroke Crosscut Saw for Straight and Angled Cutting - 2006 CE

Used Machine.

About this Product

A completely automatic upstroke crosscut saw for the cutting of straight and angled components. Particularly suitable for the cutting of garden and furniture components


  • Right to left feed
  • Touch screen controller
  • Remote programming of cutting list - connection via USB key
  • 10hp motor
  • Rack & pinion drive system
  • 600mm diameter blade
  • Cutting capacity - straight - 160mm high by 310mm wide or 80mm by 390mm
  • Cutting capacity - 45 deg - 160mm x 220mm, 80mm x 270mm
  • Cutting capacity - 70 deg - 160mm x 100mm, 80mm x 130mm
  • Rotation +/- 70 degrees
  • Adjustable saw stroke speed
  • Vertical clamping
  • Horizontal clamping
  • Maximum infeed loading capacity 6000mm
  • Outfeed table x 1m
  • Year - 2006 CE Compliant

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