Cameron MRS Multirip Saw And Quick Rip Optimisation Feeding System

A heavy duty model MRS multi rip saw with 3 x moving blades and 1 x fixed blade linked to a QUICK RIP infeed automatic feeding and timber rip optimisation system

Key Features:

  • Increase yield
  • Increase Productivity
  • Reduce manual handling

About this Product

Comprising of a heavy duty model MRS multi rip saw with 3 x moving blades and 1 x fixed blade linked to a QUICK RIP infeed automatic feeding and timber rip optimisation system. As standard the saw is equipped with a 50 hp main motor with electric power rise / fall of the saw blade and top pressure unit with adj. pneumatic pressure to the rollers.

In addition it has variable feed to the feed chain which also has polyurethane inserts. There is also a powered outfeed roller. For board alignment and optimisation there are 4 x overhead laser lights mounted on a gantry. The laser positioning / board alignment / feeding is all controlled from the QUICK RIP via its software and communication package linked to the saw.

The QUICK RIP itself can handle boards up to 4.9m (16ft) in length. It is fitted with 16 x width laser scanners each at 300mm spacing which allows the width of the board. along the full length, to be accurately scanned thus giving the best possibility to achieve the maximum yield.

The general method of operation is that the operator loads the board on to the drop arms which then intern lowers it on to the special servo controlled cross transfer belts that then accelerate the board past the laser scanners that measure the boards width.

The belt then very accurately positions the board under the laser lights to present the operator with best optimum rip combination based on the size and shape of the board, with the belts automatically SKEWING the board if it slightly bent or not uniform - thus helping to maximise yield. The operator then selects the process button and the board is pinched between top / bottom drive rollers and fed in to the multirip saw for cutting. At this point the next board to be processed is already being scanned for width thus maximising production output.

The operator also has a number of options to manually adjust the laser positions if required or skip to the next best cutting solution the software has given. Another added advantage of this system is that the operator stands at the side of the saw not directly in front of the feeding area so eliminating the danger of 'sliver' kick backs.

The Cameron 'Optirip' software not only optimises the board width to give the best ripping combinations, it also has a number of other important features such as tallying the timber infeed / outfeed, calculates the most profitable rip combination based £ value, downloading of customer orders, production reports and the option to rip for maximum yield, value or for a required amount. Programming can be done either at the machine on the touch screen control panel or alternatively in the office with the cutting data being transferred by USB pen or via network cable.

Overall some of the main advantages of this system include a 7 to 10% increase in yield when compared to hand feeding, extremely accurate positioning of the boards (no yield loss due to misalignment) and increased operator safety and increased productivity.

On request the Quickrip can be supplied to fit existing multirip saws.

Cameron MRS Multirip Saw And Quick Rip Optimisation Feeding System
Cameron MRS Multirip Saw And Quick Rip Optimisation Feeding System
  • MRS450M Multirip saw
    3 moving blades controlled from the software / 1 fixed blade (Additional fixed saw sleeve can be fitted)
  • Max cutting thickness 100mm (with 355mm blades)
  • Max cutting width 450mm.
  •  Max material width 650mm.
  • Min material length 1500mm.
  • Max sawblade dia 355mm /min 305mm
  • Saw arbor dia 70mm.
  • Saw arbor speed 4500 rpm.
  • Variable feed speeds through inverter - 8 to 60m/min.
  • 5hp feed motor.
  •  Polyurethane covered chain. (with replaceable pads).
  • Power rise and fall of top pressure with pneumatic pressure rollers.
  • Powered outfeed roller.
  • Positioning of moving saws via precision ball screws and servo motors for maximum repeat positioning accuracy.
  •  Independent power rise / fall of saw arbor / top pressure unit.
  • Digitally controlled lubricator.
  • CE safety equipment / guarding.

QUICK RIP feeding optimisation system.

  • Max infeed length of board 4900mm.
  • Max board thickness 65mm.
  • 16 x laser scanners for measuring board width - spaced at 300mm intervals.
  • 4 x overhead laser lights 3 x moving - positioned automatically through the software. 1 x fixed.
  • 5 x special none slip cross transfer belts, servo controlled, for maximum repeat board positioning accuracy

  • Top and bottom pneumatically positioned 'pinch' infeed board feeding rollers with clutch mechanism.
  • Full operation / communication linked to saw.
  • Control box.
  • Swing arm control panel with touch screen for programming (with safety cover).
  • Cameron 'Optirip' optimisation and production reporting software.
  • Can rip approx 10 to 12 boards per minute.
  • CE safety guarding.

OPTI-RIP Software Features.

  •  Production reporting.
  • Pack reporting.
  • Calculates most profitable choice / product value.
  • Download customer orders.
  • Option rip for yield, rip for value or rip for required amount.
  • Programming on machine controller or on remote PC lap top with data transfer via USB / network cable.
  • Ethernet connection for remote access.

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