Sarmax Q Base Timber Protection Coating Machine

About this Product

For the simple, quick and effective application of primer, stains and paints on to timber components. For companies who manufacture outdoor products such as garden furniture, log cabins, sheds, summerhouses, gazebo's, children's play equipment etc, there is generally a requirement at some stage of the manufacturing process to apply a protective primer, stain or decorative paint to either the individual components or the finished structure. For many this is a time consuming, messy job using a dip tank, manual application by brush or spray gun. These methods of application usually result in an uneven coating of the liquid protection and high levels of waste. To help alleviate these problems specialist manufacturer Sarmax have a range of machines dedicated for this task.

The Apache Q base machine has been designed for all types of profiled timber, which has already been machined, with tenons / grooves / holes / mortises rebates etc etc where a standard machine with brushes cannot touch all surfaces. Thanks to a set of 8 air blowers the Q base assures a perfect application coverage and finishing of all types of liquid.

The machine is equipped with 5 air blades with adjustable positions literaly blow away any excess of primer material from the workpiece giving a super grade of finishing.
With a V type workpiece chain feeder this ensuresa minimum 2 position contact between the workpiece and feeding unit.


For the simple, quick and effective application of primer, stains and paints on to timber components

Application to profiled timber

Even application

Reduce waste


Apache Q Base Machine

Max workpiece width 20cm

Maxworkpiece thickness 15cm

Min workpiece length 30cm

Number of spraying nozzles 8

Number of Air Blades 5

Pneumatic spray pump

Adjustable feed speed by inverter 5 - 25m/min

Air consumption 600lt / min

Air working pressure 5 bar

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