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JJ Smith unveils innovative Woodworking Robotics at Furniture Component Expo 2024

Innovation and efficiency are the cornerstones of progress, and in the realm of woodworking, JJ Smith is at the forefront of transformation by introducing their latest innovative product range from Woodworking Robotics. Partnering with leading robotics manufacturers, they can offer cutting edge automation solutions to the woodworking industry aimed at simplifying manufacturing processes.

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The aim of Woodworking Robotics is not to replace humans, but to enhance their capabilities. By delegating the ‘3 Ds’ of manufacturing – Dirty, Dangerous and Dull tasks – to collaborative robots, operators can redirect their focus to higher value tasks, boosting productivity and minimising risks.

At this year’s Furniture Component Expo in Telford on 24th & 25th April, Woodworking Robotics will showcase their latest innovations promising to revolutionise woodworking production.

Robotic Assembly Systems

Whether the goal is to scale up output or streamline operations, these systems can automate fastening, dispensing and taping processes for wood-based products such as sheds, pallets, garden furniture, beehives, kitchen carcasses and bed frames.

Robotic Assembling Systems

Robotic Bandsaw

Enhancing safety and accuracy, this automated solution facilitates the cutting of small wooden parts with customisable hoppers, maximising productivity with minimal human intervention.

Robot Conveyor Loading / Unloading

Integrating seamlessly with existing conveyor systems, robots work collaboratively to optimise workflow by automating loading and unloading functions simultaneously. For added convenience, robots can be mounted on mobile bases so they can be easily redeployed to adapt to changing production demands.

Robotic Loading and Unloading

Robotic Sanding

By integrating with traditional sanding machines, this innovation eliminates the need for manual sanding of furniture parts and panels, freeing up valuable manpower and reducing the risk of repetitive strain injuries.

Robotic Furniture and Panel Sanding

Robotic Machine Tending

Compatible with any woodworking machine, collaborative robots can automate machine tending tasks to help achieve production goals. A personalised assessment will be offered to understand the best way to optimise production with automation.

Robotic Screwdriving

Featuring automatic screw insertion with precision and accuracy, this system minimises the risk of repetitive strain injuries commonly associated with manual power tool work.

Robotic T-Nut Insertion

Ensuring precise insertion of T-nuts into timber components for up to one hour without the need to reload, this system guarantees consistent and reliable performance regardless of the complexity of the project.

Woodworking Robotics invites you to experience the future of woodworking at stand 73 at this year’s Furniture Component Expo, register your place now.

Contact an automation expert on 0151 548 9000 for more information on how robotics and automation can revolutionise your woodworking production processes.

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