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Pade CNC Bandsaw - The Clever Way to Cut

JJ Smith have recently completed the successful installation of a Pade CNC 'Hopper' bandsaw at a leading UK manufacturer of garden products. Like many companies in this sector, traditionally they had been using manual bandsaws to cut a variety of different shaped parts. Prior to cutting, each part needed to be manually marked out using a template which was very time consuming and required a skilled person to safely operate the machine.

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In this instance the customer wanted to achieve a number of goals which included increased production output, safer operation and ideally a facility for drilling holes for assembly bolts. The machine supplied was a Pade CNC Hopper which has a 2500mm moving carriage in the X axis, equipped with six work piece clamps. This means that it is possible to load one piece of timber up to 2500mm long which, if required, can be cut down to shorter lengths. It is also possible to load and machine shorter pieces. With a maximum clamping and cutting height of 100mm, it is possible to stack and cut several pieces high, thus maximising production output. The Y axis capacity is 1250mm meaning sheet material can also be cut.

 Pade CNC Bandsaw

The clever and unique part of this machine is the bandsaw blade itself which, thanks to the CNC control, can automatically angle from the program to +/- 90 degrees. This means the machine can automatically cut a wide range of shaped parts automatically with no manual marking out and with no intervention from the operator. Cut parts are ejected on to the outfeed end of the machine, with the option of a conveyor belt to deliver these parts back to the area the operator stands. Lastly, Pade where able to fit a dedicated electro spindle for drilling in the Z axis which means the customer no longer needs to do this operation on a separate machine.

 Pade CNC Bandsaw Optional Vertical Drilling Head

Not only can the Pade CNC Hopper be used to cut shaped parts for garden products, it can also be used for cutting and drilling of furniture rails for sofa and chair frames, parts from sheet material, and scalloped bearers for transportation. Additionally, it is possible to cut various different materials other than timber based, including Composites, Aluminium, Foam, Bakelite, Cork, Rock Wool and more.

For further information or to arrange a demonstration please contact JJ Smith on 0151 548 9000 or email [email protected].

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