Balestrini Micron 4 Double Sided Slot Mortiser for Window Vent Slotting

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Single oscillating unit based on Micron system with oscillating variator to two heads. Suitable for mortising double or single slots in window and patio door frames.


2 heads each side driven by 4hp motor through belt drive giving 9000 rpm.

Maximum depth of mortise 75mm

Stroke of table max. 100mm

2 Pneumatic work piece clamps each side each with air blowers

Oscillating length adjustment upto 250mm

Min/max. head centre distance 100mm to 250mm

Max. slot length with 2 cutters 500mm plus dia. of cutter

Hydrocheck speed control to pneumatic movement of table

Table length 1200mm with one mechanical stop

Vertical adjustment to table

Automatic sequence to two sides of machine

2 x Tilting tables for angling workpiece

Machining For Trickle Vents

The new ventilation requirements have increased the need for trickle vents to be fitted into window frames. Most new vents are based on a 4000 mm sq module with one or two units being fitted to the window head section.

The need to machine 2x 16 mm wide slots, 60 mm to 80 mm deep and approx. 150 mm long presents a machining problem which can be a costly with conventional mortisers, especially if the slots are required at an angle in the head section. If the trickle vent is to be recessed then the problem is compounded by the need for a 22 mm wide slot 350 mm long and of uniform depth.

At JJ Smith we have developed a machine capable of automatically slotting the window head section at 3 to 4 times the production rates of existing equipment currently on the market. Whether the slots are angled or not we are able to machine a head section to accept the new recessed Titon Trimvent Select R16/4000 Trickle Vent in a total cycle time of 30 seconds including loading and unloading time.

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