Balestrini Pico 2 Single Sided Round End Tenoner

About this Product

Heavy duty round end tenoner with patented anti splitting cycle, and twin table operation
for sequenced production.

Ability to cut tenons either vertical or horizontally with compound angles and a possibility to machine for dowels. The twin tables do not move during the work cycle assuring high precision machining. Adjustment from one tenon size to another is a very quick operation using digital setting devices.


  • Tenon width maximum 100mm + thickness of tenon
  • Tenon thickness maximum 30mm
  • Tenon depth maximum 50mm
  • 2 x worktables each with pneumatic clamping and tilting to 20 degrees.
  • 2 x workable fences with max. 45 degrees mitre angle
  • 4hp motor with cutting speed 9,000rpm
  • 1hp cutting cycle motor
  • 1 x cutterblocks with hogging facility fitted with disposable cutters.
  • Mechanical digital readouts for easy setting of tenon thickness and length

This item is SOLD. Contact our team for details of new stock.

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