D-Mac Tenon Flex CNC Round / Square End Tenoner - 2021

About this Product

An extremely versatile single end tenoner suitable for machining round end tenons, square end tenons and dowels. To maximise production out there is twin table set up with the machining head cycling so when a piece is being machined the next piece is being loaded and clamped ready to be worked. It is also possible to produce tenons of different thickness, inclination and width on each table. Movement of the cutter head in 2 axis is via precision ball and screw with servo drive motors, with the possibility to regulate the machine cycles. Programming is extremely quick and simple thanks to the windows based software with graphic representations guiding the operator as to the information he needs to input


Max. tenon length 150mm

Max. tenon thickness 100mm

Max tenon depth (set off cutter block) 50mm

TCT disposable tip cutterblock

Tiltable work tables +15 degrees - 30 degrees

Table fences adjustable in angle up to 45 degrees

Main spindle motor power 4kw max 12000 rpm adjustable through inverter. (recommended speed 7500 rpm)

Axis servo motors 0.80kw each

CNC control of X and Y axis via servo motors

2 x dust extraction connections each 100mm

Overall approx dimensions 110 x 200 x 180cm. Weight 950kg

Year - 2021 CE

Condition - Excellent

Available - November 2023

This item is IN STOCK. Contact our team for more details.

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