Stromab Matrix 4 Automatic Upstroke Crosscut for Straight Cutting - 2009 CE

About this Product

A robustly upstroke crosscut designed for programmable and repetitive cutting from lengths of standard or random length long timber. The saw unit has a pneumatic upstroke action and is fitted with a Matrix type pusher unit for automatic feeding


Self braking motor 10hp

Saw blade diameter 500mm

Max cutting width (refer to chart) 360mm

Max cutting height (refer to chart) 135mm

Specification Pusher Unit - Capacity 7000mm - with 99 programmable cutting cycles 15 programmable sizes per programme

Maximum clear loading length is 900mm less than infeed length specified above. Lengths up to the maximum length can be cut, but the timber must be slotted into the guard.

2m outfeed table

Lifting pusher arm

Matrix 4 option for remote programming and full optimising

Year - 2009 CE

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