Stromab CT600 Automatic Upstroke Crosscut Saw for Straight and Angled Cutting - 2021 CE

About this Product

6000 mm in feed capacity

Right to Left Feed direction

Touch screen controller

Remote programming of cutting list via 12" windows based colour graphic touch screen controller

- 5 optimising criteria - longest size, minimum waste, priority size, by volume or by value.

- up to 1000 list of 11 sizesor one single list of 10,000 sizes.

- Cutting list entered via controller key pad, USB or transfer via ethernet.

- Graphic description of the workpiece.

10hp motor

Rack & pinion drive system for pusher with magnetic reading strip to give a high level of repeat cutting accuracy

600mm diameter blade

Cutting capacity - Position A - Max heigth

Straight - 200mm high by 215mm wide or 50mm by 370mm

45 deg - 200mm x 150mm, 50mm x 265mm

70 deg - 200mm x 50mm, 50mm x 70mm

Cutting capacity - Position B - Max width

Straight - 160mm high by 315mm wide or 40mm by 410mm

45 deg - 160mm x 220mm, 40mm x 285mm

70 deg - 160mm x 100mm,40mm x 70mm

Angle setting -70 degrees, 0 degrees, + 70 degrees

Adjustable saw stroke speed

Vertical clamping

Horizontal clamping

Dust extraction 1 off 100mm, 1 off 120mm.

Plexiglass hood with gas springs

1m outfeed table

Serial nr 8614

Year - 2021 CE

Still installed and can be seen operational

This item is IN STOCK. Contact our team for more details.

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