Osama SBR-250 PVA Glue Applicator - 2013 CE

Used Machine.

About this Product

  • Top and bottom rubber glue rollers.
  • Max working width 250mm.
  • Max thickness 100mm.
  • Top and bottom glue trays.
  • Dia of rollers 150mm
  • Working height 900mm.
  • Complete with:
  • 3m infeed idle roller table. Stainless steel rollers. Width 250mm / dia 60mm / ctre distance 200mm. With adjustable infeed side fence.
  • 4.5m outfeed idle roller table - special PVC rollers - 250mm in width / 250mm ctre distance / 60mm dia.
  • Glue roller speed variator - mechanical.
  • Year - 2013 CE

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