Stromab Matrix Fast Opti Automatic Upstroke Crosscut for Straight Cutting - 2017 CE

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With a high speed upstroke saw action which depending on cutting patterns can give up to 40% more production than the standard machine. The machine is primarily designed for programmable and repetitive cutting from standard and / or random lengths of timber.
The new high speed pneumatic saw unit with variable speed control, can also be set to limit the saw stroke when cutting smaller boards, helping to increase production even further.
The pusher is fitted with a heavy duty rack and pinion drive feeding system, for fast and accurate positioning giving a high level of repeat cutting accuracy, the pusher is raised with a pneumatic cylinder for its return to its loading position, allowing the operator to prepare the next pack of timber on the table without having to wait for the pusher to return to its idle position.
The infeed and outfeed tables are of all steel construction meaning even heavy sections or packs of timber can be processed. The saw unit and clamping area is totally enclosed by a clear hinged electrically interlocked hood that while allowing the operator a clear view of the cutting area still gives complete protection. additional safety features include full length guarding of the rear of the pusher system, whilst there is a safety pull cord running along the length of the front infeed table.

Programming and entering of cutting lists is simple with the on board Top 12 control unit. With a 12" colour touch screen display, offering a modern, robust and reliable control system with many innovative features and is ideally suited for a factory or workshop environment. As standard the machine now offers USB, ethernet and 3 levels of optimisation including "board sequence" ideal for repetitive cutting. The Matrix OPTI version offers an additional 3 optimisation criteria including "minimum waste" and automatic board length measuring suitable for random length boards.

Self braking motor 10hp
Saw blade diameter 500mm
Max cutting width 390mm ( refer to chart )
Max cutting height 150mm ( refer to chart )
Precision rack and pinion drive giving a high level of repeat cutting accuracy.
Pneumatic rising of the pusher at the end of cutting cycle
6m Clear loading capacity
Positioning speed 100m/min
Positioning accuracy + /- 0.4mm
Elco TOP 12 control unit
Touch screen with 12" colour display
Pneumatic side pressure
External pneumatic top pressure
4m outfeed table
Dust outlets 2 x 100mm diameter


Year - 2017 CE
Condition - Very Good

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