Comec Frontal 1500 CN

A CNC Controlled Through Feed CNC Machine For The Volume Drilling And Grooving Of Drawer Fronts / Boxes And Panels

About this Product

Configured for the volume production of drawer fronts, drawer boxes or just drilled panel parts the Frontal CN has 2 working stations.

The first is a CNC drilling group for vertical and horizontal drilling operations. The second working station has a linear grooving unit working on the X axis for machining the groove for the drawer bottom.

Thanks to the hopper feed loading and piece return system the machine can comfortably be worked by one operator. On request special bespoke configurations are available

  • Automatic Hopper Feed Loading


  • Step By Step Feeding Cycle To Maximise Throughput



  • CNC Point to Point Drill Head



  • Automatic Piece Return System To The Operator




• Machine base manufactured from electro welded thick steel plate to help ensure machining accuracy
• Maximum working length 1500mm (longer on request)
• Minimum working length 300mm
• Maximum thickness 30mm
• Minimum thickness 10mm
• Right shoulder fixed, left shoulder moveable to set working width. Digital read out for setting
• Automatic hopper feed loading.
• CNC Point to point drilling group with motor 1.7kw controlled on the X,Y and Z axis
• Grooving unit CNC controlled on X axis
• Rear transversal conveyor belt, with pneumatic electors pushing the panel on to the side conveyor belt transporting the panels back to the operator side
• Standalone control panel
• Software with parametric programming assisted with


• Total installed power 25kw
• Air supply 8 bar
• Ethernet port for remote access included

Overall dimensions / weights

• 5000 x 3000mm overall floor space
• 3000kg

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