D-Mac DRT 115 Round End Tenoner

About this Product

A compact and simple to use single end round end tenoner for solid wood furniture parts, with twin tables having sequenced operation to maximise production output. Tenon length and thickness easily set by having mechanical digital readouts. Tenon shoulder length is set from the cutterblock

Quality Round End Tenons For Furniture

Anti-Chip Operation

Inclinable Tables


Spindle speed 9000rpm,

Spindle motor 4kw,

Cutter cycle motor 0.75kw,

Maximum tenon width 100+2RMmm

Maximum tenon thickness 30mm

Maximum tenon depth (shoulder) 50mm

Table tilt upwards 0-15 degrees

Table tilt downward 0-30 degrees

Table tilt side 0-20 degrees

Table fence adjustable 90 to 45 degrees

Pneumatic adjustable work place clamps x 2

PLC operation

TCT disposable tip cutter block

Overall dimensions 1300 x 1200 x 1600mm

Weight 950kg

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