Vention Robot Bases

Vention’s Robot Bases and Pedestals are three times more rigid than other aluminum extrusion profiles, ensuring unparalleled stability for your automation needs.

About this Product

Vention Robot Bases set new standards in rigidity, versatility and performance with floor mounted and mobile pedestal options:

Floor Mounted

Suited for high-payload or high-precision applications, floor-mounted robot bases and pedestals are ideal for tasks such as conveyor loading and unloading, and dedicated machine tending. Experience the stability and precision required for demanding applications.

Mobile Robot Bases

Enhance flexibility in your workspace with mobile robot bases and pedestals. Reposition your robotics solution as needed, adapting to changes in workload and maximising the agility of your automation setup.

Customised Performance

Design custom bases to accommodate floor-mounted robotic arms, ensuring optimal performance for high-speed applications and tasks.

Enhanced Stability

Vention's patented rigidity design guarantees stability, eliminating concerns about vibrations or inaccuracies in your robotic processes.

Adaptable Workspace

Mobile versions provide the freedom to adapt your automation setup to changing operational requirements, optimising your workspace for maximum efficiency.

Unmatched rigidity with Vention's patented aluminium profile system

Versatile compatability - supports over 35 cobot models with ease

Various height solutions allowing for flexibility in precise tasks

Mobile versions available to optimise your workspace


Contact our automation experts today to explore how robot bases can transform your automated woodworking applications.

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