Vention Sanding Tables

Redefine the way you approach finishing tasks with automated sanding solutions from Vention.

About this Product

Unlock the potential of automated precision with Vention Sanding Tables, designed to increase your production efficiency and redefine the way you approach finishing tasks.

Customisable Design

Tailor your sanding process to perfection with Vention Sanding Tables. The customisable design allows you to adapt to your specific requirements for a variety of applications and materials, ensuring that each finished product meets your exact standards.

Operator Efficiency

Experience a significant boost in operator efficiency as Vention Sanding Tables automate the sanding process, freeing up valuable operator time to focus on high-value tasks, leading to a streamlined production workflow and increased overall productivity.

Return on Investment

Invest in success with automation and handling solutions from Vention. Boasting a rapid return on investment (ROI), Vention Sanding Tables will ensure you recoup your investment in less than two years, making it a cost-effective solution that contributes to your bottom line.

Unparalleled Quality

Improve the quality of your finished products with precision and consistency. Vention Sanding Tables guarantee a flawless sanding process, resulting in consistently superior outcomes that will impress your customers and set you apart from your competition.

  • Customisable design for versatility
  • Cost efficient - under 2-year ROI
  • Unparalleled quality - achieve consistent, high-quality results every time


3m x 1m capacity

Weight 67.7kg

4 x levelling caster wheels

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