Comec Frontal Basic - Double End Tenoning Machine

Designed for the volume tenoning and haunching of window and door components for garden buildings, sheds and log cabins.

About this Product

The Comec Frontal Basic Double End Tenoning Machine is specifically designed for the volume production of tenoned and haunched window and door frame components, ideal for garden buildings, sheds, or log cabins. This robust, mechanically set, PLC controlled machine ensures high efficiency and precision in producing consistent, high-quality components.

Equipped with a vertical hopper feed loading system, the Comec Frontal Basic handles both left-hand and right-hand working units seamlessly. The machine includes cut-off saw units for precise trimming to size, vertical haunching heads, and horizontal tenon heads equipped with anti-splinter devices, ensuring clean and accurate cuts every time.

The vertical hopper feed system facilitates easy loading, while the piece return system brings the processed components back to the operator, streamlining the workflow and reducing handling time. This setup is designed to maximise productivity and minimise downtime, making it ideal for high-volume production environments.

Comec Frontal Basic Double End Tenoning Machine
Comec Frontal Basic Double End Tenoning Machine
  • Advanced features and reliable performance
  • Ideal for garden buildings, sheds and log cabins
  • Anti-splinter devices for clean and accurate cuts
  • Vertical hopper feed and piece return system

Technical Information

Maximum working length 2000mm

Minimum working length 350mm

Maximum workpiece thickness 60mm

Minimum workpiece thickness 20mm

Maximum workpiece width 150mm

Minimum workpiece width 30mm

L/H shoulder fixed R/H shoulder moveable to set working length, with LEC readout for positioning

1+1 cut off saws 300mm dia blades

1+1 vertical milling heads with 4kw motors

1+1 horizontal milling heads with 8kw motors

Pneumatic ejection on to rear lateral conveyor with ejection on to inclined gravity rollers delivering machined parts back to the operator

PLC control for sequencing

Stand alone electrical control cabinet

Power & Air

Installed power 55kw

Dust extraction connection 4 x 120mm – 2 x 150mms

Pneumatic supply 6 bar

Overall Dimensions

6500 x x 4100mm overall floor area

Weight 3000 kg

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