Auer BL100A-4 Notching Machine

About this Product

A CNC controlled 4-way notching machine for the production of log cabin style products, including houses, and garden furniture, incorporating CNC positioning system, drilling, and sawing, incorporating fully flexible software for off-line programming of components, and the facility to cut several components out of one log.

A CNC controlled automatic 4 way notching machine for log cabin joint machining

Key Features

Fully automatic operation

CNC control

Through Feed


Motorized infeed loading arms

Minimum infeed capacity 900mm (Automatic loading)

Minimum infeed capacity 300mm (Manual loading)

9.0m infeed table (6.0m) capacity

Maximum Vertical (Wall thickness) capacity 140mm

Maximum Horizontal (Wall height) capacity 200mm

Minimum Vertical capacity 28mm

Minimum Horizontal capacity 100mm

Minimum workpiece length 300mm

Horizontal milling heads 2 off 3kw - 4200rpm

Vertical milling heads 2 off 4kw - 4200rpm

Full CNC controller with 15" TFT screen (built in)

Variable feed speed of vertical hydraulic feed

Front & vertical workpeice pneumatic clamping

End grooving unit 3.0kw - 4200rpm

Drilling unit 1.5kw 1500rpm - max diameter hole 30mm

Upstroke saw unit 4.0kw 550mm diameter sawblade

6.0m outfeed table

Pneumatic unloading system onto idle stacking arms

Label printer for printing wall identification information for each component

Extraction tray (under floor) 160mm diameter outlet

One complete set of tools for wall thickness 40-100mm

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