Powermax Defecting & End Matching Machine For Flooring

About this Product

A unique high speed machine for defecting and end matching of flooring components. The machine has an accurate positioning system for positioning the wood to chalk marked defects. Defects are then cut out and the boards end matched automatically.

The machine is capable of end matching up to 24 pieces (2m long) per minute with no defecting. With an average of 1 defect per board, the machine can cut 15 boards per minute (to produce an average of 30 cut pieces)


Designed for the high-speed end matching of flooring and also dinger jointing

High production

Through feed



Infeed length 450mm - 6000mm

Width 50mm - 300mm (optionally 500mm)

Board thickness 8 - 45mm

Production methods - Random length with defect cutting

 Fixed length cutting (no defecting)

Feeding speed - up to 120m/min by direct servo drive

Toothed chain feeding system with indepedent top pressures

Side clamping by plate to avoid marking the boards

Aluminium chip breakers

Cutter diameters - 125mm

2 off 3.0kw saw motors

2 off highspeed (12,000rpm) 7.5kw millng motors

Fast downstroke saw action with sawblade diameter - 450mm

Weight 2000kg

Omron controller with touch screen user interface

2 part waste conveyor

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