Omga V235FNC Twin Mitre Saw With Programmable Stop

About this Product

Pneumatically controlled mitre saw with a 2000mm programmable stop allowing the machine to perform in a semi automatic mode. The machine is fitted with a patented bi-directional clamping system which allows clamping of profiled workpieces without need of counter profile or setting of clamps for different mouldings.

Independent saw stroke speed control. Front fence for minimum waste,setting time and plunge stop for first cut. Centre V support for quality cutting of solid wood, plastic and profile wrapped MDF.

Twin blade precision mitre saw linked to a programmable stop

Twin blade mitre cutting

Programmable stop

Quality cut


Cutting height 80mm

Cutting width 85mm

2 x 350mm dia. TCT sawblades

3kw Motor

Pneumatic Bi directional clamping system

Pneumatic saw stroke with feed control

2000mm capacity programmable stop

45┬░end stop

ESA Tria 250 control unit

Picture framing software

CE Safety Guarding

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