Pade MZ Hopper CNC Bandsaw

A CNC Controlled Bandsaw That Eliminates The Need For Manual Marking Out And Manual Cutting By Hand Of Furniture Parts

About this Product

The Pade MZ Hopper is a CNC controlled bandsaw with the unique feature if automatic angling of the band saw blade through the program, It is ideal for the safe cutting of various shaped furniture parts from solid wood, sheet material or composites

The process is that the material to be cut is mounted on a motorised table and clamped. The piece is then cut with the bandsaw blade in accordance with the selected program, The cut parts are then automatically ejected on to an outfeed conveyor belt. The table then returns to the loading position. At all times the operator is completely clear of the cutting area.

Thanks to a maximum cutting height of 150mm it means several stacked pieces can be clamped thus maximising productivity.

Pade MZ Hopper CNC Bandsaw
Pade MZ Hopper CNC Bandsaw
  • CNC Blade Angling +/- 90 Degrees
  • Automatic Table Movement
  • Repeat Cutting Accuracy
  • Bespoke Configurations


  • Available cutting lengths 1300mm, 2000mm, 2500mm


  • Maximum cutting height 150mm
  • Standard table set up with 2 x adjustable pneumatic clamps and 2 x support rails (Additional clamps and support rails can be specified
  • Cutting angle of the saw blade maximum +/- 90 degrees



  • Throat depth on the bandsaw 800mm
  • Motor power on sawblade 15hp
  • Dia of bandsaw pulleys (cast aluminium) 900mm dia
  • Precision top and bottom saw guides
  • Automatic lubrication system
  • Outfeed conveyor
  • Safety guards and features in accordance with CE regs




  • Installed power 60amp supply
  • Air supply 6 to 8 bar
  • Dust extraction 2 x outlets each 120mm dia


Weights & dimensions

  • 3800kg
  • 4000, 5400, 6,000mm long x 3200mm wide x 2500mm high
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