Taylor 20/5 automatic hydraulic clamp carrier system for solid wood edge and face laminating

About this Product

A substantially built automatic 20 section rotary Clamp Carrier system for solid wood edge and face laminating. This type of machine is ideal for producing a variety of laminated components such as stair parts, panels, table tops, worktops, block gluings and general furniture parts.

Due to the length capacity of 5m (16.5ft) it is particularly suited for laminating stair strings, handrails and joinery sections. The patented equaliser clamp arms incorporate a number of important features not found on other type of mechanical clamp that help ensure a quality glue joint is produced.

As standard the machine is fitted with an automatic clamp tightener / loosener with integral twin arm component flatteners. The operation of this and of the rotation is controlled by a PLC unit.

From this unit it us possible to select in which order the clamps are tightened. Once the cycle has been activated the complete tightening, loosening and rotation is fully automatic leaving the operator/s free to prepare the next batch of lamels to be glued and ready to load.On request the machine can be supplied with 2.5, 3.1, 4.2m and 6.3m working capacity with up to 30 sections.

Automatic 20 section rotary Clamp Carrier system for solid wood edge and face laminating of joinery sections, stair parts, panels, worktops etc

Volume production 

Auto hydraulic operation

Quality glue joint


5m (16.5ft) wide 20 section clamp carrier frame
120 off 302 type 1015mm (40") max. opening clamp arms with 90mm (3.5") high jaws. Initially 12 clamps mounted on alternate sections e.g. 10 sections, with facility to add clamps to remaining 10 sections at any stage giving 20 full useable sections.
2 x 80S heavy duty hydraulic motor drives for rotation.
1 x 80Z fully automatic clamp tightener / loosener /component flattener.
Pneumatic movement in / out of front rest
Operating pedestal
CE safety protections including front safety light beam and CE safety cage with electrically interlocked access door

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